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Legal Advice to Corporate Clients
We offer legal advice to international corporations and to small and medium enterprises for all legal issues related to the activities of daily business.

Regularly we supervise new business enterprises already from the beginning of their formation. If necessary, we also provide our infrastructure for the purpose of temporarily domicile. Furthermore we have recourse to experienced and reliable personnel needed for new management positions. Moreover we offer customised solutions for accounting, taxes and other related matters.

Our experience enables us to assist entrepreneurs and management in defining and complying corporate legal requirements. Equally we are able to respond to any personal legal requirement that may arise.

Our professional advice is mainly focused on commercial law, antitrust law, labour law, banking and sales law, which also includes all questions related to sales agents and the establishment as well as the management of franchise enterprises. Experience has also shown that public procurement is a significant aspect for many business concerns, consequently we offer our advice also for that practice area.

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