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Mediation is a strictly confidential proceeding that helps the opposing parties to settle their dispute autonomously and voluntarily with the professional assistance of an impartial and silent mediator.

Since Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in certain circumstances or situations it may be chosen alternatively to other channels of dispute settlement such as litigation or arbitration. Additionally conflicts that would not have been decided at all can be solved via mediation in order to make things run smoothly in a corporation or between affiliates.

The mediator leads the proceeding and helps to stimulate the dialogue between the disputants in the protected environment of the mediation procedure. However, the mediator himself does not take any decision, instead the disputants aim to reach an agreement on the disputed matter with the professional guidance of the mediator. The mediator monitors the proceeding, but the parties themselves take responsibility for its content and the final agreement.

Please use the following link for more information on the mediation proceeding and its benefits and distinction to "classical" dispute resolution.

Our contact person for mediation, related questions and its expenses is

Dr. Claudio Arturo, attorney at law and certified mediator.

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