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politics and administration
Politics and administration

The old institution of the Arengo, originally as mentioned the meeting of all family heads, transferred its powers later to the Consiglio Grande (Grand Council) e of generals (large and general advice). Today the whole of the voters is called Arengo; it will call up at present twice per year on Sunday after the office introduction of the Capitani Reggenti. The citizens of San Marino have opportunity to make suggestions and requests to the Consiglio Grande.

The legislative power is exercised by the Consiglio Grande e of generals, whose sixty members are selected by the population for a term of 5 years. It approves the national budget and appoints the Capitani Reggenti. The regents are the heads of the state and the executive remains in office for 6 months, selections taking place 1 April and 1 October of each year.

The executive power rests with the Congresso di Stato. It consists public education, culture, university and law of the three Ministers (Segretari di Stato) for outside and political affairs, responsible for internal affairs and civil defence as well as for finances, household and planning, information and relations with the Azienda Autonoma di Stato Filatelica e Numismatica (national office for Philately and Numismatic), and in addition there are seven further Ministers (Deputati), for the departments; Area planning, environment and agriculture, relations with the Azienda Autonoma di Stato di Produzione (national supply enterprise); Health service and social security; Trade and relations with the local councils (Giunte di Castello), relations with the Azienda Autonoma di Stato by i Servizi (national service enterprise); Communication, traffic, tourism and sport, industry and handicraft; Work and cooperation.

The national territory of San Marino is partitioned in nine Castelli (municipalities), which correspond to the old prishes. Each Castello has a local council (Giunta) under the presidency for a term of five years of a selected Capitano, selected by the inhabitants. The Consiglio dei XII (Council of Twelve) is selected by the Consiglio Grande e generals for the duration of a legislative period and is an administrative organ as well as the highest judicial instance of the republic. Two delegates are assigned by the government (Sindaci di Governo) to represent the state before court as well as in disputes over financial and financial affairs.

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