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Administration of Justice
Administration of Justice

In San Marino the Administration of Law is, for historical reasons, entrusted to lawyers from the foreign countries. The justices of the peace form is the only exception; they are responsible exclusively for civil cases involving limited amounts. Finally for civil cases responsible judges are the Commissario della Legge ("law commissioner") as the first instance, the Giudice depression Appellazioni Civili (appointment judge) and the Consiglio dei XII, if the judgments of the two first instances do not agree. For criminal actions, responsible judges are the Commissario della Legge inquirente (examining magistrates), the Commissario della Legge decidente criminal judges in first instance, the Commissario della Legge Giudice dell'esecuzione penale and the Giudice depression Appellazioni by le cause penali (appointment judges).

The legal order of San Marino plans only two instances in criminal area. The interests of the state will represent in criminal actions of the so-called Procuratore del Fisco and noticed. The whole of all civilian and criminal judges forms the Consiglio Giudiziario (senior counsel) for the tidy iurisdiction. This advice under the presidency of the Minister of Justice is the highest self-governing organ the judge shank of San Marino. The administrative jurisdiction is subordinate to the Giudice Amministrativo di 1° grado (administrative judges of first instance); Appeal is the Giudice Amministrativo d'Appello. If the judgements of the first two instances are not correct practice in, then the Consiglio can function dei XII as last instance. 1975 entered into force in San Marino a new penal code, last in civil area further the general right as well as the statutes from that to 17. And their additional and/or changing laws apply for century. Special care was used in the last forty years on the social legislation.

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