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military and police
Military and police

The Republic of San Marino is a neutral state, whose peace-loving existence is recognized world-wide, has a voluntary university-formed military corps, which demonstrates the independence of the state. There is no compulsory military service in the republic, but all citizens between 16 and 55 years can, under special circumstances, be drafted into military service for national defense.

The university-formed company of the reserve corps participates in official ceremonies and at special opportunities as order service is used. The honour or aristocracy guard with its particularly decorative uniform provides for the security of the Capitani Reggenti and the Consiglio Grande e of generals. The fortress guard is responsible for the artillery and performs its service at the government palace and at the national borders. The gendarmerie serves as the police force and supervises and ensures order in the whole country. The corps of the civilian police consists of citizens of San Marino and is responsible for monitoring, protecting and preventing illegal activities in the areas of trade, tourism, food trade and traffic.

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