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international relations

The international relations of San Marino

The Republic of San Marino at present maintains diplomatic and
consular relations with over seventy European and non-European states.
It is member of numerous international organizations, among others of the United Nations, UNESCO, the Council of
Europe, the International Monetary Fund, the international Court of
Justice, the World Health Organization as well as the world tourism
organization. In addition, the republic co-operates with UNICEF and
the UN High-commissariat for refugees. The republic also maintains official relations with the European Union and participates in the
conference for security and cooperation in Europe.

Much information is to be found on the following Websites :

State Department (Segreteria di Stato by gli Affari Esteri e Politici, Programmazione Economica e Giustizia)

Ministry of Justice (Segreteria di Stato by gli Affari Interni, Leggi e Decreti della Republica di San Marino)

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